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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dazzle Up

Have you ever been walking through a store and a glimmer of light catches your eye? It’s a natural reflex to stop, turn and search for the source of which the reflection is coming.    For those of us who adore beauty and makeup, products that twinkle are a staple.    I want to share with you a couple of my favorite and inexpensive items to use for a fun look that catches a gaze.

Flatback Crystals
Your eyes, ears, cheekbones and nails are all places on the body that could use a crystal, or two.  I love to bring attention to my eyes by affixing a few color coordinated Swarovski crystals at the end of my lash line. Flatback Crystals come in a huge range of sizes and variation of color. With the smallest dab of DUO eyelash glue, they can be applied directly to the skin and will stay for hours. When using the extremely tiny crystals you may need to use tweezers to apply them because they are nearly impossible to grip.  These jewels add a small accent at the end of your eye, or wherever you decide to place them, which really glams you up.  Aside from looking pretty, it’s a great way to have fun! You can find flatback crystals at any craft or fabric store. 

Loose Glitter
It’s not just for home made cards anymore, it for our face too!  There is a massive variety of glitter, especially created for use in makeup, saturating the market.  Some of my favorites are LASplash and NYX, which are both available for purchase online and at Ulta.  When I find myself in the market for a specific color glitter, I know I am treading on dangerous ground.  It is extremely difficult to neglect any color I see on the shelf and I find myself wanting them all!    Once you have chosen your colors, it is easy to apply.  There are many adhesives that can be used for loose glitter application like LASplash Splashproof sealer and DUO eyelash glue. After applying a thin coat of either product, just lightly pat the sparkles on using a small concealer brush, a Q-Tip or your finger.  Be careful when applying, you don’t want sparkles inside your eye!

Don’t be afraid to add a little glitz to your style by incorporating a few of these ideas with your look.  Whether it’s for a special occasion or just because IT’S SATURDAY, have fun with your makeup and get in touch with your super fun girlie side. Being a girly girl, my favorite is hot pink loose glitter, and I’d bathe in it if I could.

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