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Thursday, March 15, 2012

An Interview with Master Stylist, Tina Silvers

Tina Silvers
A great hair stylist will take your look from basic to beauteous.   I had the chance to sit down with Tina Silvers, an amazing stylist from Long Island to pick her thoughts about hair.

SR:  When did you decide you wanted to be a hair stylist?
TS:  When I was in the 2nd grade, my mom decided that it would be a good idea to cut my hair like “Janet” from Three’s Company (a shag haircut).  Since I was a fan of the show, I thought it would be a great idea!  It was an absolutely horrible haircut and it traumatized me.  I made the decision to cut hair at that moment.

SR:  What is your favorite part of hair styling?
TS:  Definitely doing color and updos.  I really love a challenge and the opportunity to be creative.  I enjoy testing my ability and putting it to the test.  My favorite is being able to take short hair and making it appear longer.  I love that.

SR: What is your favorite style of up do?
TS:  My favorite has to be the “pin-up girl” up do.  The hairstyles then were so beautiful.  The 20s’ and 30’s are definitely my favorite decades.

SR:  What product would you say your clients prefer the most?
TS:  Thicker Volumizer by Rusk.  People love volume.

SR:  What product is your favorite for personal use?
TS:  Tamer foam by ISO.  It’s an amazing anti-frizz foam.

SR:  What important hair care tips can you give us?
TS:  Try not to wash your hair every day.  I know it’s hard for some of us, but try to only wash your hair every other day.  Excessive washing  can remove the scalp’s essential oils which are necessary for healthy hair.  Also, Deep conditioning is a MUST!  It is so important to deep condition at least once a week to repair dry and damaged hair.

SR:  What are the most common causes of hair abuse you see?
TS:  HAIR STRAIGHTENING.  Whether it is chemical or with a flat iron people damage their hair like crazy.  Chemically, over processed hair is so weak and can break so easily.  I constantly see teenage girls that have seared the ends of the hair completely off and the only way to fix that is to cut it off.

Tina is an amazingly talented woman that has been a stylist for 18 years.   It was a pleasure to sit with her and I want to thank her for time and tips! 

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