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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So you think you're so tough?

OK I've been doing this YouTube thing for a while now...and I really do love it...BUT... I'm finding it hard to deal with people and their crap.  I recently posted a video on the new MAC pro palette - large/double sided.  It was a quick video just to let you all know about it's recent release.  Over night I got over 1000 views, which for me, is a lot!  I was totally stoked but one thing I found was that the more hits it got, the more nasty comments I was getting.  People, viewers, calling me ugly, saying I was a joke, a how to not wear your makeup video, just really mean things.  I am usually very tolerant, and I'm pretty good at letting things like that roll off my back but the last comment sent me over the edge.  I was forced to disable comments on that video.  I couldn't hear one more thing...either disable comments or change the video to private.    I always thought what I wanted was for my channel to blow up, to reach lots of viewers, but I don't know now.  I don't know how people handle to horrible voices of the anonymous viewers. 
 You may think I took the wussy way out but it's what I had to do for myself.  My hubby thinks I should leave the comments, but I can't.  In a way, I feel like it's me allowing them to spew their venom on my page, and I wont let that happen.  NO.  This is my page and my rules apply.  Everyone doesn't have to be kittens and rainbows all the time but common courtesy will be shown.  What ever happened to "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all?  Well, thanks for listening.  Please let me know if any of you have dealt with something similar and how you handled it in the end..
XXOO Samantha

And really, thanks for listening...


  1. Sam, just wanted to say, "Thank you" for all your hard work and your sharing. I have found in life that there are many unhappy people in this world... I have had the same thing happen to me at times... Remember that on the Internet there are millions of people out there. In those millions of people, there are all sorts of personalities. Some happy, some very unhappy... Don't let the many of us who follow you suffer for the few very sick people out there that want you to obviously be dragged down by what they comment! In stead of feeling bad by what they may comment, just delete or block them.. I would hate to think that those miserable and unhappy people would change what you do! I for one understand the hard work you put into your videos and enjoy them tremendously!! They are the same people who were the mean and cruel kids in the neighborhood and schools we all grew up in... Please, please please don't let those shitheads win... They are just jealous! Keep up the great work. I for one love you and your fantastic videos... You are beautiful!!

  2. Hi Sammy, I just found you through MissNiki. I am too a beauty blogger but I havent dealt with the stuff you have. But I do hate seeing negative comments on videos. I agree, if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all. I hope you continue to blog and make great videos!!!. Now following!!!

  3. You are awesome and a great inspiration :) I need to learn how to start a YouTube channel. I have a couple lousy videos up! Your IG is awesomeness :)))

  4. nice post

  5. Dont know if you come here often enough to see this, but I'm gonna say it anyway. You'll stumble on it at some point.
    I had this SAME thing happen on a site I used to be prolific on. Yahoo 360. You may or may not know it, but it used to be Yahoo's BIG social gathering. I had a beauty page there with over 10k viewers (subscribers/'friends') that followed me. I did everything. Tutes, demo's, reviews..DYI for all manners of stuff..etc but had a lot of skin care shit in there. Point is, the hate...the F)(&KING HATE, just drug me down. From old hag to fat ass. People saying horrible shit about pics of my kids I had up while posting wedding make up tutorials and name it, people that hate themselves ALWAYS have to project that to those around them. For years, I blew it off. I'd just block em. But after so long, it just really started getting to me. Not the comments themselves so much as the fact that there were SUCH HUGE PRICKS out there. ya know? And you show a LITTTLE bit of anger back? and it only gets worse. I was RELIEVED when 360 shut down..even though it was 8 yrs of hard work, a job really, just gone. Over night. Gone. (Yahoo made an abrupt decision to close the site because of those exact issues and people threatening to sue over being 'stalked' and harassed and shit) I was only about a year into meeting my husband at that time and he was ELATED it shut down. It made me always on edge, wondering what SHIT I was gonna be seeing that day.
    When YouTube started really taking husband actually forbid me (not LITERALLY 'forbid', but begged me NOT to start up there with my beauty channel. Its taken me this long to come around. I aint new to this 'beauty blogger' scene, I just got SOOO beat down from the last experience. Its not NEARLY as bad on YT as it was on 360 but I've certainly seen some kill worthy shit. All you can do is block em and move forward. I REALLY enjoy your particular personality. You know damn well most the beauty vloggers on YT cuss, drink, fart, pick their noses...or wtf ever..just like you and I, but they come across in their videos as pristine little Barbies that 'golly gee wiz & oopsy daisy' their shit to death.. YOU DONT...AND THATS WHAT MAKES YOU YOU and FANtastic.
    Im not sure where I was going with Its the lupus, its messes with my memory...but try not and let it get to you. People are DICKS, but there are certainly a fair share that arent. Older...the younger generation ....ugh. That's who the 'Im not bragging' shit is aimed at. Sensitive little Nancys that grew up being awarded for 'participating' because they couldnt deal with being the loser. Makes winning seem meaningless!
    You hang in there and keep decorating your eyes with all manners of beautiful glitter!! You are by FAR one of the better artists I've seen on here. Women twice your age with set ups that would make Chanel jealous...dont apply and blend HALF as good as you!
    Keep your chin up woman!! Make a big ole' red glittery target SMACK DAB on it and take the punches that come with being someone people WISH they were!
    Insult is the biggest form of HAVE to look at it that way. Because thats really what it is.
    Peace sista!