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Friday, February 8, 2013

I am a lazy poop

So it's been way too frigging long...but I say that every time I come on here lately. Well, I'm going to change that..I swear it. I can't say that I love love to write but, I love to interact with you fine people. My heart and passion is invested in makeup, applying makeup, talking about it, buying get the point. Sometimes I find it hard to write on this blog without buying new cosmetics...which I am always doing, yes.. However, I'm going to try to fill the content with more. What "more" exactly you must be asking yourself. I mean more in general. More about me, my life, my family, my kids (cats) and yes still of course cosmetics. A woman is more that just her looks and I plan to be just that...more. Thank you to all my amazing supporters on here and on YouTube. Please stay tuned for more to come. I love all of you.

Xoxoxo Sammy

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