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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Setting Powders Compared

For years, as utilizers of foundation, we have been given many tips on its usage ie: exfoliate, moisturize, prime, apply, blend, and buff. All of that information is nearly useless if you don't take the final, and arguably, the most important step, setting. Setting your makeup with a finishing powder is absolutely key. Why work so hard on the previous steps just to have your newly created beauty irresponsibly disappear by skipping this simple flick of the powder brush?

There are two setting powders that need addressing, Mineral Veil by Bare Escentuals and High Definition Powder by Make Up For Ever.

Mineral Veil by Bare Escentuals / Bare Minerals                                                                        
This setting powder is sheer and light weight giving your skin an "air brushed" appearance. Mineral Veil comes in a variety of four shades, original, illumination, tinted and hydrating. The original first of its line, used for translucent finish. Illuminating is for a brightened, dewy finish. Tinted gives a hint of warmth while also adding a soft finish. Hydrating adds a cool finish. The minerals are soft and delicate to the touch. The smell is very appealing with an earthy quality that is great. However, with the different variety of powders, you must be sure to choose correctly as the wrong one could interfere with your end result. To get your desired look every makeup application, it may be necessary to acquire all four varieties, which in my book, is a drawback.
HD High Definition Powder by Make Up Forever 
This finishing powder is a universal micro-finishing powder giving you an unbelievably flawless finish. The micropowder is silky and smooth to the touch with no smell. After applying this, any remnants of pores or lines on your face simply melt away while endlessly securing your makeup in place. Since this product is a white powder it appears translucent on all skin types and colors. With just a dusting of HD powder you are transformed into perfection, ready for day, night, and the camera.
After using both of these products for some time I have to say I love them both. The Mineral veil is a lovely product but you have to choose from 4 types of setting powders which can be a little problematic. It's hard enough to choose our shadow combinations with out having to choose which powder to end with. The HD powder, in my opinion gives a more flawless finish with less fussing. With half my face dusted with HD powder and half with Mineral Veil, even my makeup ignorant husband could recognize the difference in pore size and finished quality on the MAFE HD side of my face. The costs are comparable with Mineral Veil costing $20 and HD Powder costing $30. When it comes to my money and my face, I'd go with Make Up For Ever's HD powder.

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