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Thursday, March 15, 2012

DIY Hair Extensions

It is no secret that hair accessories are exceptionally hot in fashion right now.  Everywhere you look someone has Rooster or Peacock feathers mixed into their hair.  Walking through my local mall I was appalled at the cost of just one feather.  Paying $15 for just one little feather to be pinched into the base of your roots seems ridiculous, and it is.  I have the solution, just “Do It Yourself”.  People don’t seem to understand just how easy these looks can be achieved at a fraction of the cost.

Feather Extensions

"Blue My Mind"
We have all seen the feather extensions, and the retail cost of having this salon service is extremely high.  Local salons where I live on Long Island, are charging as much as $30 to have just three feathers, 7-10 inches in length, attached to their hair.  The first time I heard about the feather trend was in March 2011, and I was fascinated by it.  As a child of the 80s, my mother always wore feathers in her hair, hung them from her ears and attached them to just about everything. However, she never had to pay $30 for just 3 of them!  So, I went on a search to get the look with out paying the horrendous price.  I came upon a website that sold feathers for far less. has an array of colorful extensions including a variety of different colors and feather types. 
"Berry Daring"
“Berry Daring” is a bundle of Rooster feathers in colors fuchsia, lavender, black and white. Also “Blue My Mind” is a bundle with turquoise, white, natural and dark blue feathers.  Lengths range from 7-12 inches long with the cost for bundles like these at just $10 for 5 feathers. There are dozens of colors to choose from. This website offers the tools of attachment selling the crimping silicon beads for $7.99 for 30 pack and the pulling tools for $18.95. Learning to put in these feathers is easy as pie when you venture onto YouTube as there are many tutorials teaching these techniques. 

Human Hair Extensions

 Magenta Human Hair Extension
Magenta, lavender, aqua and forest green are all amazing colors.  They are great for nail polish, eye shadow, and, you guessed it, hair extensions.  If you have a Sally’s Beauty Supply in your area or nearly any beauty supply store, you’ll be sure to find a rainbow variety of silky hair extension awaiting your arrival, ready to punkify your style.  Sally’s sells “Satin strands Premium 100 % Remy Human Hair” extensions, which come in nearly every color your could imagine.   As these are genuine human hair, these extensions can be cut and styled to match your desired look.   There are 25 separate sections in each package, with a length of 18” long and the cost ranging from $25-$30. Attachment tools are also available there for purchase for a nominal fee.  If you find yourself in the beauty supply store, don’t be afraid to ask a beauty professional about these extensions and how to attach and maintain them. 

I find that sometimes, we as consumers, can be caught paying top dollar for the newest and popular tends.  Finding inexpensive alternatives is the key and you don’t have to over pay to look trendy and fab.  I myself have rocked both feathers and pink extensions, but by utilizing these easy DIY tips, my wallet has never been punished  again.

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